Should you treat for termites if you don't have them?

The reality is that termite control in the home is absolutely essential. Termites can quickly cause a devastating amount of damage to your home, resulting in costly repairs.

Should you treat for termites if you don't have them?

The reality is that termite control in the home is absolutely essential. Termites can quickly cause a devastating amount of damage to your home, resulting in costly repairs. Taking the necessary steps to inspect, control, treat and prevent termites can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Are there home remedies that can work for termites.

However, it doesn't guarantee that your home will be free of them. You can control termite pests on your own. But, if you want to get the best results in exterminating termites, you can't do it yourself. You'll still need the help of a termite exterminator, as professionals know more about the pest.

Exterminators recognize where termites hide and where the plague has its colonies. With this, professionals can quickly find and eliminate the pest. If you do the control on your own, you may not be able to start right away. You'll find it difficult because you don't know where to start.

Treating termites without setting up tents is often used for smaller infestation problems. You can fix the problem with tentless termite treatment methods. However, if the infestation is much more extensive, you will have to use tents. Termite treatments last between five and eight years.

A liquid termite treatment can last five years or more. Termite Bait Station treatments only last one year and require routine inspections, usually performed every 3 to 6 months. Annual inspections are essential for any termite treatment. DIY treatments must be applied annually.

There are several chemical options for eliminating termites, including termiticides and gas fumigants. Your pest control professional can perform a termite inspection and help you decide the best way to treat your home based on the type of termites you have and the extent of the infestation. Termite treatments and inspections are essential for every household. It doesn't matter if you already have an infestation or if you're trying to prevent it.

Even so, it can be difficult to know how often you should treat termites. If you continue to see flying termites or discarded wings, you should move because an infestation can occur at any time. Even though exterminators are far away, termites stay at bay and will not be able to infest any more of your property. Professionals will inspect all of these signs during your annual visit and look for less noticeable termite signs.

Orkin has 70 years of termite experience and follows a point-of-service approach, which includes investigating, protecting, strengthening, monitoring, reporting and following up. One of the best ways to get rid of termites is to apply termite killing products to the outside of your home, use direct chemicals inside your home, place termite baits, and spray boric acid on floors and walls. You can handle some pests, but if an infestation occurs on your property, you can't get rid of termites without an exterminator. Because termites love wood, expect to see damage to it and it's an indication that the pest is present.

Termite station treatments are generally valid for one year and are performed under a service contract. To monitor, Terminix will conduct an annual inspection to make sure there are no signs of termite activity. For most liquid termite treatments, your pest control company digs a ditch around the perimeter of your home to distribute it. Heat treatments are best for smaller spaces, such as bedrooms and attics, but can be used for the whole house.

If you hire an experienced and reputable pest control company, they will know exactly how to find entry points, identify colonies, and create a treatment plan. Move everything you store under the sinks because the inspector will need to check your water sources for termite activity. The quickest way to get rid of termites is to call a professional pest control company such as Orkin, Terminix or Rentokil. Since a dry wood termite can only enter your home through wood, you can easily distinguish them from other types of termites.


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