Is orkin bigger than terminix?

Terminix serves more than one million more customers than Orkin, with a total of 2.8 million residential and commercial customers. Terminix outperforms the rest in terms of customer service.

Is orkin bigger than terminix?

Terminix serves more than one million more customers than Orkin, with a total of 2.8 million residential and commercial customers. Terminix outperforms the rest in terms of customer service. Unlike its main competitors, Terminix offers an online chat function. Overall, Orkin offers more than Terminix.

Terminix serves fewer locations, treats fewer pests and offers fewer additional services. Both Orkin and Terminix use similar and effective methods to treat termites. Both offer termite baits, liquid soil treatments, and tent fumigation services. Orkin announces that it uses Sentricon for its bait system and Thermidor for its liquid termite treatment; however, it is not clear what Terminix is using for its “Bait Defend System” or “Liquid Defend System” system.

Orkin and Terminix are among the industry's most recognized and popular pest control services. Both offer a full suite of services designed for a wide range of insects, rodents and other wildlife. With nearly 200 combined years of eliminating termites, ants and mice in homes, Orkin and Terminix have a level of experience unmatched by most pest control companies. Orkin and Terminix Remain Two of the Industry's Top Pest Control Providers for a Reason.

They have received industry-recognized professionalism and safety certifications, cover a near-national service area, and provide a suite of complementary services that support their current pest control offering. As a result, these companies have nearly identical overall scores. However, while customers are likely to receive high-quality service, as advertised, from either company, Orkin's real customers have reported greater satisfaction than customers who opted for Terminix. Orkin customers feel they get more value for their money, experience better customer service, and are more likely to recommend Orkin to friends and family than Terminix customers.

For this reason, we recommend Orkin instead of Terminix to solve your pest control needs. Terminix is ideal for homeowners whose priority is customer service. The company serves 2.8 million customers, more than a million more than Orkin. Unlike the competition, Terminix also has a convenient online quote and live chat option.

Orkin also sponsors several initiatives aimed at educating young people about the natural world, including the Youth Pest Researcher Program, Orkin Man School Presentations, and the Orkin Children's Zoo in Atlanta. Orkin offers a comprehensive pest control plan for up to 20 types of pests, including ants, cockroaches, rodents, wasps, earwigs and centipedes. Terminix and Orkin are two giants in the pest control industry, each serving millions of homes across the U. Compared to other pest control companies, Orkin has far more resources for interested customers looking to learn more about common pests.

If you have dry wood termites, Orkin is an excellent choice as a pest control provider because it is one of the few providers that treats this annoying animal. Over the years, Orkin has been involved in many cutting-edge technological advances in pest control, including research projects at universities and insect biology with the CDC. Orkin will inspect your home (although inspections are not free) for current pests or problem areas that may cause bugs in the future, and then develop a customized pest control plan to protect your home. With similar offerings, highly trained employees, and a long history in the pest control industry, TERMINX and Orkin are largely similar.

Orkin offers customers a comprehensive, personalized treatment and prevention plan that involves a multifaceted approach to pest control. Not only does Orkin have representation in more states, but the company also operates in more than 400 locations, compared to Terminix's approximately 300 locations. Orkin General Pest Control Services treats up to 15 different pests, but the provider uses your initial inspection to prioritize any urgent pest problems you face in your home. Like Terminix, Orkin has been in business for many years, he has even reached more than 120 years in business recently.

Orkin has the industry's most comprehensive list of pest treatments, ranging from termites and mosquitoes to weevils, Jerusalem crickets and rhinoceros beetles. If you are looking to treat or prevent an existing mosquito problem, below are some of the approaches to mosquito control adopted by Terminix, Orkin and Aptive. Like Orkin, Terminix offers treatments for wildlife, termites and other major pest infestations. .


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