How common is termite damage in san diego?

Hundreds of termite colonies with millions of termites can survive in a small area of one acre. San Diego (KGTV) — San Diego is among the top cities for termites, according to a new Orkin ranking.

How common is termite damage in san diego?

Hundreds of termite colonies with millions of termites can survive in a small area of one acre.

San Diego

(KGTV) — San Diego is among the top cities for termites, according to a new Orkin ranking. Unlike underground termites, which is much more common in California, dry wood termites only swarm in places where the climate is warm. Dry wood termites swarm between August and November.

They tend to hide inside the wood foundations they consume. You'll most likely find these termites inside walls or furniture. Dry wood infestations can be determined by observing “droppings” that look like loose granules near wooden structures. Unfortunately, termite damage is a pervasive problem for homeowners and buyers and is especially prevalent in San Diego.

But investing in a home with pre-existing termite damage may not be a bad idea. It all depends on the severity of the damage. The repair of visible wood, requested by the inspector, must be done before putting your house on the market. When selling your home, you do everything you can to create visual appeal.

Termite damage and dry rot are not attractive. Therefore, it makes sense to repair the damage before putting your house on the market. The pest control company has the necessary workforce to perform these repairs. They even take care of the painting part of the job.

You don't need to call an outside contractor. When a termite nest matures, it produces winged termites. They are often called swarms because they gather in a swarm. The purpose of termite swarms is to mate and establish new nests.

While only a fraction of the swarms survive, the appearance of a swarm is a very bad sign. It means that it's very likely that your property has been attacked by termites for years. It also means that you are about to have more nests nearby. You could have a problem with termites right now and not know it.

The insidious nature of a termite infestation is that the damage is usually extensive when termites are finally discovered. This can seriously affect your net worth and affect your retirement savings. Underground termites can cause massive damage based on the large number of workers who constantly bite your home. These termites vary in the amount of destruction they cause, so it's helpful for you as a homeowner to know the difference to know which termites cause the most damage to your home in San Diego.

However, if the property you are viewing has significant termite damage, you may want to consider your options. According to Orkin, termites can enter homes through things like wooden structures such as porches or terraces, piles of firewood resting against a house, and damp earth near foundations. For example, if the property you chose has only minor termite damage, you can remodel and renovate without exceeding the budget. They'll also be able to give you a transparent review of any existing termite damage, helping you make a final decision.

Although no one wants termites in their home, if you have to keep unwanted termites, dry wood termites are preferable to underground termites just because of the size of the colony. Keep in mind that termite workers can be as small as 1/8 of an inch long, so they can be difficult to detect. Termites are such destructive pests because they do most of their damage in areas where you won't see them. Why You Need Annual Termite Inspections Dry-wood termites and an underground infestation could cause serious destruction.

Other types of treatment include thermidor, liquid treatments for termites, dry foam, and monitoring and centricon bait. And while this climate is ideal for people who enjoy being outdoors and living life, it's also ideal for pests such as termites. If you're a property owner in San Diego County, it's not a question of whether you'll have a termite problem, but when you'll have one. We certainly recommend watching for signs of termites in your garden, but selective termite control is the best way to prevent termite workers from eating your property.

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